Automobile Cooler Description

June 29, 2023
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A car cooling system works by circulating fluid through the pipes and passages in the engine. When the liquid flows throughthe high-temperature engine, it will absorb heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the engine. after the liquid flows throughthe engine, it will flow to the heat exchanger or radiator, and the heat in the liquid will be dissipated into the air through 。


Raw Material AL A356 or A380
Custom Service Yes, OEM/ODM Service
Processing Technology Casting, trimming, CNC machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
Surface treatment Grinding, sandblasting
Packing Way Blister packaging or special packing you would like
Application Scenario Automotive brake accessories
Delivery deadline

Tooling: 4~12 weeks update part size;

Samples: one week if no finish and CNC machining required;



Ordering Quantity

For first trial order: not less than 100pcs;

Usually 1,000pcs or more.



Application of Automobile Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing in Automobile Coolers:

1.Aluminum heat sinks have a lighter texture but relatively higher strength. It is close to or exceeds high-quality steel. It has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, good heat dissipation performance, and good energy-saving effect.

2.After the aluminum radiator has been surface oxidized, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the radiator. The film is tough and dense, preventing further corrosion of bulk materials, and improving the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and appearance of aluminum materials. esthetics